About Rethink Your Drink 2024


Welcome to Rethink Your Drink (RYD) 2024, coordinated by the California Department of Public Health’s (CDPH) CalFresh Healthy Living (CFHL) program, Nutrition and Physical Activity Branch. Our mission is to educate Californians about the health risks of sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs) and promote healthier drink choices through in-person and digital activities.

RYD 2024 will take place from September 3 through September 30, coinciding with the back-to-school period, which presents an excellent opportunity to engage more families as everyone returns to their routines. The primary audience for RYD communications includes parents and guardians with school-aged children who are eligible for CalFresh (SNAP-Ed).

Together, let's work towards a healthier future!

For additional support or inquiries, please contact us at CFHL_PR@rs-e.com.

How You Can Participate

  • Social Media Assets: Share the RYD ready-to-use images and captions about the risks associated with consuming SSBs and the benefits of water on Instagram, Facebook, and X (Twitter).
  • How-To Recipe Videos: Post simple recipe videos for healthy drink alternatives on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or your website.
  • Email Signatures: Add RYD-themed email signatures to your communications to promote healthier beverage choices.
  • Newsletter Content: Use our pre-written content to educate your community about rethinking their beverage choices.
  • Zoom Backgrounds and Social Media Banners: Download RYD-themed visuals for Zoom and social media to raise awareness about SSB risks and encourage healthier habits.
  • Infographic: Download the “Sugary Drinks are Riskier Than You Think” infographic to inform communities about health risks and tips for identifying hidden sugars.
  • Customizable Event Flyer: Promote RYD events with a customizable flyer template to include your event’s details.

Hosting a Rethink Your Drink Event(s) in Your Community

Hosting RYD event(s) allows individuals and organizations to engage with communities, promoting healthier habits and educating providing education on beverage choices. These events serve as an opportunity to raise awareness about the health risks of sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs) and promote healthier alternatives to families in your communities.

This year, RYD has shifted from a springtime activation to September 3 through September 30. This period aligns with back-to-school efforts, providing a great opportunity to promote healthier beverage choices for adults and kids. As families return to their academic routines, it's an ideal time to reinforce healthy habits and meet families where they are.

Schools and after-school programs serve as community hubs, engaging parents, teachers, and students. Promoting healthier drink options at the start of the school year is a simple way to help set the tone for healthy habits for the rest of the year. Furthermore, hosting events in public spaces like parks, community centers, and libraries can offer additional opportunities to promote healthy beverage choices and well-being within the broader community.

Rethink Your Drink 2024 Event Kit

The RYD 2024 Kit is a comprehensive resource designed to facilitate engaging and educational experiences for participants of all ages. By using these resources, partners can effectively raise awareness about the health risks associated with consuming SSBs and promote the adoption of healthier beverage choices within their communities. Here’s what’s included:

  • Drink Detective Matching Game: Embark on an educational journey with our exciting new game aimed at informing both kids and adults about the risks associated with consuming SSBs. This game includes:
    • Kid and Adult Fact Cards: Explore two separate fact decks tailored for kids and adults. Each card presents valuable insights into the health risks posed by SSBs, ensuring that participants of all ages gain a comprehensive understanding.
    • Game Mat: Participants match facts to corresponding beverage images displayed on the game mat. The mat provides a dynamic and engaging platform for gameplay, enhancing interaction and learning among participants.
  • “Sugary drinks are riskier than you think” Infographic: Dive into our new infographic featuring educational information about the health risks associated with SSBs. It also provides valuable guidance on how to find sugar content on nutrition labels, empowering individuals to make informed beverage choices.
  • “Sugary drinks are riskier than you think” Display Banner: To complement the event setup, partners will receive a large display banner. This banner serves as an eye-catching visual that educates individuals and families about the risks associated with SSBs and encourages them to make informed beverage choices.
  • Coloring Activity Sheet: Engage children with our fun and educational coloring activity sheet, featuring several activities to learn about the risks associated with consuming SSBs while enjoying a creative outlet.
  • “Know when to sip & when to skip” Stickers: Partners will receive new stickers to distribute during their events. These stickers serve as a conversation starter and a tangible reminder of the importance of rethinking beverage choices.

Partners must apply for the RYD Event Kit, sharing specifics about their organization and proposed event needs. If you haven’t done so already, please click here to submit your application. The closing period for event kit applications for the 2024 RYD activation is August 2. All new RYD materials are available in English and Spanish, with previous RYD activation materials available in additional translations. Supplies are limited.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please reach out to CFHL_PR@rs-e.com